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First, let's review that mission statement:

Behrenglen is a house designed to provide camaraderie, support and promotion for practitioners, patrons & defenders of the arts.

Perfect. That is the mind-set behind this group. Without being redundant on the actual Mission list, let me make a few other points about our drive at Behrenglen (of course, when I say our, I mean my)!

This is a house founded by elves, but is by NO MEANS exclusive to them. Just as it is a house for artists/artisans, the inclusion of 'patrons' was made so that those who merely enjoy the arts or consider themselves creative can join. We attempt to remain very open.

This is a house founded on cooperative support and brotherhood, but we will not exclude those who play evil personas. I would warn those people, however, that they can get ejected, or at least find themselves severely opposed within the house if they attempt to thwart our mission or other members. Our fictional storyline sets us on the path of 'good' and this is still our core. Y'know, don't crap where you sleep.

Third, we are a fairly nonpolitical house. That is to say that, as a group, our drive is not for political station, rank or power, nor are we looking for political influence. Again, we have no problem welcoming members with political ambitions, just don't count on block voting from the house, nor will we suggest that members vote in any particular direction, including for our own members.

Finally, and most importantly, we are a group that is within a social club. We are neither at war nor in a soap opera. Behrenglen will strongly remind its members that it IS just a game. We're here to have fun. Winning, gaining rank, learning, attendance, even profit-making are secondary to this goal. Although we (above most houses, probably) highly encourage the role-playing aspect, we will not tolerate 'taking it too seriously'. I want to see smiles on my house members. If I don't, something's wrong. The last thing I want to see is Amtgard or Behrenglen activities affecting someone's regular life, job, or family.
I hope this concept will make for an enjoyable and mutually beneficial experience at Amtgard. Good for Amtgard, the Celestial Kingdom, Avalon's Gates, Behrenglen and especially its members.


           -Jay French (a.k.a. Etienne Jzanaire)

House Behrenglen