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House Rules/Requirements
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For information on voting procedures, etc., see the House Procedures page. These are the guidelines for the house.

  • All members are provided with: 1) A belt favor (pouch), bearing the Behrenglen crest; 2) A listing on the Behrenglen website member list (including a link if the member has their own website); 3) A listing in the Avalon's Gates newsletter.

  • All members are required to provide four 'tokens' per year to either Avalon's Gates or the Celestial Kingdom. Tokens consist of crafts, products, services, performances or volunteer work (for a more inclusive list of token ideas, click on TOKENS to your left). If the House Council should decide, particularly large projects donated to AG or CK may count as multiple tokens (such as full event performances like music or full garb donation as gifts, etc.). Also, a multitude of small gifts to other AG or Behrenglen members (as oppossed to the park as a whole) may count as a token (i.e. weapon construction, character illustrations, heraldry, banners, props, etc.).

  • Members are required to behave in a courteous, chivalrous and sensible manner. This is for the enjoyment of all, the best impression upon the mundanes and the potential new members, and for the best results. This includes honesty, integrity and responsibility.

  • Members are required to obey all laws of the mundane world, especially when present at events. Failure to do so, especially if putting the house or park in a bad light could result in expulsion.

  • Members are required to obey all laws of Amtguard. This includes all courtesies involved. Rhino-hiding and strong-arming are unacceptable behaviors for a distinguished member of this house. Violators will be prosecuted.

  • Members are expected to resolve all disputes and conflicts with maturity and sensibility. If this is not possible, the matter should be taken to the house officers. If they cannot resolve it, it will be taken to the park officers. If members are found bickering, back-stabbing or otherwise not following this rule, they will be reprimanded.

  • Members are reminded to keep a clear seperation between their Amtgard life and their mundane life. If officers discover a member is allowing their Amtgard involvement to affect their life, family, education or occupation, they are subject to severe penalties or expulsion.

  • Members are expected to show commitment to any project or service they involve themselves in, and will notify as quickly and as clearly as possible when there is any doubt that they will be unable to accomplish their task.

  • Members are expected to show respect to their house officers, park officers and Amtgard and are not to be found bad-mouthing any of these. If this is discovered, it will be considered that the member must not be happy with their membership.

  • Members are expected to show responsibility in respect to alcohol at all events. This begins by obeying all mundane laws in this regard, including not bringing alcohol to a location or event which forbids it, not consuming alcohol if the member is under legal age, and not providing alcohol for minors. The officers of Behrenglen do not wish to see the presence of any illegal drugs at any time at Amtgard events.

House Behrenglen